Holy Underpants, Batman!

Yesterday I turned another year older. And so, apparently, did my underwear.

I complained to Mr. Daisy, saying I couldn’t believe how cheaply underpants were being made nowadays because my new ones are falling apart at the waistband and leg bands.

“What new ones?” he asked.

Tsking, I held up a pair, waving them. “These,” I told him. “I just got them about a year ago.”

He barked a laugh at that. “Yeah, right. How long ago?” he asked with an annoying smirk.

In a huff, I pulled up the store’s website to check my past orders so I could give him a big, “See? I told you so.” A moment later my jaw dropped as I noticed the sales date.

It was 8 years ago.


You want to know just how horrifying, humiliating & hilarious (ooh, love that alliteration!) it is to be wearing underpants that I purchased 8 years ago? The realization that it's like going through all of grade school, from 1st grade through 8th, wearing the same ones.


I don’t know what the moral to this story is (perhaps I’m now too old to remember), except that I clearly need to get myself some new damn underpants.

Early Morning Spider Slaying Triumph

This post is filed under the category of Astonishingly Brave Things a Woman Will Do to Protect Her Domain.

Five minutes after I awoke this morning I was forced to battle an evil spider lord trying to dominate my kitchen.

Since my husband was in his porcelain library, I had no choice but to go to war myself. If it had been any other room in the house, I would have hid, cowering, but the kitchen is MY domain and I will NOT allow any invaders!

I was victorious!

So now I sit, shaken but triumphant, with my first cup of coffee, knowing that completing the chapter I’m working on will be a breeze compared to my early morning battle to the death.

Daisy, Spider Slayer Extraordinaire